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Digital Advertising Expertise Backed by Award-winning Technology.

  1. i. Advertising for Amazon
  2. 1. Amazon Attribution
  3. 2. Amazon DSP
  4. 3. Amazon Sponsored Brands
  5. 4. Amazon Sponsored Display
  6. 5. Amazon Sponsored Products
  7. ii. Facebook Ads
  8. iii. Google Ads
  9. iv. TikTok – Coming soon

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Accelerate your growth with our wide-ranging, cross-category, eCommerce expertise and hands-on partnership approach to your business development.

Discover Ignite

Our Award-Winning Technology

One platform integrating your Amazon performance data into visible, trend-able intelligence for eCommerce sellers and marketers.

BUT We Are More Than “Just an Amazon Tool” – our API integrations allow you to view, trend, measure and optimise your advertising, sales, product performance and inventory management across AMAZON AND YOUR DIRECT TO CUSTOMER SALES CHANNELS.

Ignite has first-class API integrations with Amazon Seller Central, Amazon Vendor Central, Shopify, WooCommerce, Takelot and more - this list is ever expanding.

PLUS, your advertising data from Facebook and Google with TikTok communing soon:


Our Ignite clients to benefit from:

Why work with the Commerce People:

Using the full-picture analytics that our reporting tech delivers, we trend and monitor your eCommerce advertising and sales performance to provide regular reports WITH action- based optimisation recommendations.

Our customised services

How we work:

eCommerce Advertising Management + our Ignite Reporting solution

Fully outsource your Amazon and Takealot advertising and eCommerce campaigns in Facebook ads and Google PPC (search and display).

Our eCommerce Ad campaign experts run your paid digital advertising through Facebook, Google and advertising for Amazon to drive more customers to your Amazon, Takealot, Shopify or WooCommerce sales platforms.

Our Ignite Reporting Only

Licence the power of Ignite to make your eCommerce sales and advertising efforts visible and more efficient.

Our regular action-based reporting complements your direct access to ignite.

We assist you and your digital advertising agency in spotting opportunities for improvements.

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