Dingis Baby Boutique

About the Partnership.

Dingis Baby Boutique partnered with The Commerce People to evaluate their online retail channels and develop a strategy to accelerate sales growth.

The client approached us to help increase her online sales for her Baby Store www.dingisbaby.co.za selling a variety of baby products and prams. She had been managing her DTC website and marketplace single handedly and investing in and executing her own paid ad campaigns. However, she wasn't seeing a return on her investment with only 7 units sold January - June 2022.


This company has done wonders for my small business. Through them I have seen sales soaring through all social media platforms including Takealot. Thank you so much The Commerce People. It is great partnering with you.

The Objective:

To accelerate online sales through Dingis Baby Boutique's DTC website (WooCommerce) and their TakeaLot account.

Our Role:

First, we advised the client to switch her DTC site to a WooCommerce Store, to allow for a more responsive design and better SEO management.

We then integrated her WooCommerce site + Marketplace +Facebook & Google Ad platforms into ignite, allowing both the Client and the Commerce People team to quickly understand her full eCommerce business, across her Retail and Advertising data.

These insights led us to initially test social paid media (channels: Facebook, Instagram & Audience Networks) and Google AdWords to drive sales to the DTC website.

Followed by Sponsored Ads and Promotions on TakeaLot driving to Dingis Baby Boutique product page.

Through Ignite, we were able to measure the paid ads performance in real-time, with the Team quickly optimizing towards better ROAS and ACOS metrics.


The results:


increase in sales

1 750%

increase in new customers


increase of average basket value


increase of units sold

13.25 ROAS

on overall paid media ads Industry ROAS average = 4:1


on overall paid media ad effectiveness Industry ACOS average = 20%-30%