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What is Amazon Attribution?

What is Amazon Attribution?

Amazon Attribution is a free Amazon advertising tool that allows brand-registered sellers to measure their performance and gain insight into how well their non-Amazon digital marketing channels perform.

As you might know, advertisers are unable to place tracking pixels on their Amazon listings – so this tool is key to tracking your marketing performance

Non-Amazon touch points assist shoppers in discovering and purchasing products and play essential roles in the shopping experience. By using Amazon Attribution measurement, you are able to gain an understanding of these cross-channel digital marketing efforts, and you will learn how to better maximizes return on investment and increases sales.

Not only will it help you refine and develop your future digital strategy, but with on- demand advertising analytics, you can make in-flight adjustments that will help you maximize impact and effectiveness during an existing campaign.

Search, social, display, video, and email marketing are examples of non-Amazon Ads media that Amazon Attribution measures. Reports contain clicks and metrics for Amazon conversions, including views of detail pages, cart additions, and purchases. Reporting is accessible via the console and as downloadable reports.

Amazon Attribution uses a last-click attribution model with a 14-day look-back window. This model gives full credit for a sale or conversion to the touchpoint a customer last clicked on or engaged with before making a purchase. This is important to remember, as single-touch attribution models only tell part of your advertising performance story.

How it works

Amazon Attribution uses tracking URLs to attribute sales to a particular channel or campaign.

To get started, you’ll need to sign into your Amazon Ads account and head to the Amazon Attribution console or by clicking ‘Measure non-Amazon ads’ under the advertising tab of your Seller Central account.

Create a ‘New Order’ to start setting up Amazon tracking links.

These tracking links then “stick” to a customer’s entire product search journey to enable measurement of your ad performance.

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