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How to - Boost your Amazon Sales with Google and Facebook Campaigns.

How to - Boost your Amazon Sales with Google and Facebook Campaigns.

Your success on Amazon is not limited to your efforts within the Amazon ecosystem. Here's a quick view of how external traffic sources can complement your Amazon PPC efforts

Google as a traffic driver

When looking to buy something online, roughly half of all Amazon customers discover products using Amazon search; the other half arrive via external traffic channels like Google. So adding Google Ads to your marketing mix will go a long way in boosting your Amazon performance.

Once your Amazon PPC campaigns are running smoothly (which you should prioritise before considering external traffic campaigns), adding Google Ads to your marketing mix becomes relatively simple because the two are very similar in implementation.

Once your AdWords campaigns are optimised and deliver an efficient CPC, they don't require the same ongoing maintenance as other external traffic sources like Facebook ads. Instead, your ads can run in the background as you focus more time and effort on other activities.

Lastly, as your sales rate is a significant Amazon ranking component, increasing sales through external traffic will increase your Amazon search rankings. This improvement in organic Amazon ranking creates an added long-term benefit for your business.

Facebook as an awareness driver

Facebook is an excellent marketing platform for your brand. However, unlike the intent-driven searches in Google, most people scrolling through their Facebook feeds are often not "purchase-ready". As a result, using Facebook ads to drive traffic directly to Amazon is unlikely to yield immediate results - your conversion rate may be as low as 1%.

Facebook ads should be classified as "awareness advertisements". They provide viewers with a quick who, what, when, and why of your brand, and your focus should be getting consumers familiar with it.

You can follow up by retargeting for those that show interest but do not buy with an engagement ad that encourages them with a little more information, "Did you know X about my product?" After that, you're ready to make them a personal offer or a special coupon to buy directly from your Amazon storefront.

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